The Golden Monkey – By Duaa

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Jungle boy was furious so he calmed down for a few minutes. After him calming down he leaped out of the green bush. The explorer was apprehensive but it was a little mess jungle boy he thought. Jungle boy asked if he can have the golden monkey back nicely “NO” shouted the explorer loudly. Little did he know jungle boy snatched the golden monkey and pushed the explorer in the river a drowned. In the end jungle boy returned.

The Crocodile – by Zain

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I shall tell my name to you mini fish. I know what your name is. Guess what? Big face! No it’s not my name is crocodile. My name is fish. Nice to meet you. OK!

Level 6 Maths Revision

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Level 6 Maths Revision from mr_hughes

Why do aliens travel in spaceships?

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It’s a well-known fact that, Green globbers who originally travelled by unicycle, have decided that this unmototrised vehicle was not the most genius idea! With Green globbers invading the world, they’re in need of a motorised engine. If they want to travel the universe before melting on the o-zone layer, they will need; the TTYLXOXO950. Luckily the TTYLXOX950 ran on Galaxy fuel, as a consequent of this the revolting beasts would explore more efficiently. Why have this peculiar tribe decided to use a new type of transport.

Seeing as, the only bus station is 10 trillion light years away, immensely far, they crossed taking the bus of their list. This means that they only have one option which is the fabouls TTYLXOX950 or is it?

Unfortunately, the globbers are not enabled to take driving tests so there is no way of getting a license in addition to this there aren’t even any car dealerships like the car people or auto trader. However the Green globbers can’t even afford a car since invading the world isn’t a job that you can get paid for. In the whole outer space there isn’t even one gas station like Esso, shell, and total.

The main reason is that a spaceship like the amazing TTYLXOX950; runs on Galaxy fuel which you can get at the Milky Way along with a free Newt eyes milkshake. So that the aliens didn’t have to go all the way to Earth for petrol. Furthermore the master thought this is the most infuriated idea since dinosaurs being excinted (dinosaurs were alien’s best friends!)

So that is why the aliens are choosing the TTYLXOX950, as it seems to be their only option. The aliens are now using the magnificent spaceships. Momentarily stars will start to vanish in the sky. This will lead to the sky looking bear, so that is why aliens travel in spaceships!  By Michelle 6c

Why do aliens travel in spaceships?

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It is a well-known fact that, The Green Gobblers, who originally travelled by unicycle, have decided that this gloomy vehicle is not the most genius idea. With the Green Gobblers (aliens) realizing this, they wickedly abandoned the awful down hearted unicycle.  The reason they realized this is a galaxy fuelled motor vehicle named BRTW 936, was a much better offer. This new vehicle ran smoothly and in addition to that it can be bought close to their planet.  So what has possessed the aliens to pick the space ship over other choices?

This means that the aliens didn’t choose the space-bus station the reason being it is too far away. To begin with that would lead to them traveling for months and months before they would eventually arrive at the station. What other vehicles do they have on their list? Maybe a car!

Unfortunately there is no car dealership in their part of the universe. As a result of this they would have to travel, which is no trouble for the aliens. Even so every alien which has tried to go there never passes their test. Therefore a car is also off the list. The only problem is where will they get the petrol?

The main reason is that spaceships use galaxy fuel, which is made out of crushed stars; whereas other merchandise may use petrol. It is also much easier to get galaxy fuel the petrol however stars in the night sky might go missing. The master gobbler thought this was an infuriated Idea that was before he found out it was galaxy fuelled.

So that is why the aliens are choosing then BRTW 936 as it seems this is their only option. The aliens are now using the magnificent spaceship. Momentarily stars will start to vanish from the night sky. That will lead to the sky looking bear. So that is why aliens ravel in spaceships!

By Karina Thompson


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It is a well-known fact that, the extraordinary aliens used to rove by space hopper. Now however, they simply became bored of their space hoppers so they decided to create their very own space craft. Even if others said it was appalling, the alien had no worries. They decided to design the steamy rust bucket which they called Magnificent super space craft 2000.


Unfortunately, the aliens have no bones in their legs; this means that they are floppy. Because of this they have no chance of getting to other planets on space hoppers .So, as an effect of being floppy the aliens are shielded by their incredible space crafts.

Furthermore, the aliens have created this grotesque space craft to protect them from the moon, sun and stars. Otherwise the aliens will be burnt and tuned to oozing mud. This has led to the aliens being afraid of the moon, sun and stars, suddenly the aliens disappear

So that is why if you see a beam of light be afraid be very afraid! Watch out they are coming for you, they are aliens off to invade

Why do people become pirates?

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Unfortunately, these days there are a lot of civil civilian’s  turning to a life of piracy, day after day, more and more people are starting to disappear. Many people are thinking that this matter is due to people deciding to have a new life of piracy. But why are people turning to a life of piracy?

One of the reasons, for this matter, is pure jealousy. It is jealousy from others peoples wealth, possessions also of peoples lifestyles, but most of all of peoples lives. This has led to people leaving their lives and turning to pirates while thinking if they help the pirates find treasure they will get a share of it and go live their lives with luxuries. It is normally very rare for an ordinary person to get a share of treasure: those who do must be lucky, but those who don’t , just don’t.

Experts think that, another reason could be that, people had an enormous amount of depression and boredom in their old lives. So once the boredom and deppression reached to that limit where they absolutely could not bear it anymore they gave up and turned to piracy. In some cases people think joining the unworthy pirates is starting a career though it isn’t, it is like bringing your life to an end.

Once people turn to piracy, it is most likely for you to go on an adventure, and that is something that many people like to do. So people would obviously like to go on an adventure instead of having boredom and depression in their lives.

So that is why people are always disappearing, its all due to  the disgraceful life of piracy. Finally, if you ever see a ship, which looks ordinary, it isn’t because…..

                                       IT’S THE PIRATES!!!!!!!


Why do aliens travel by spaceships? By cheyenne

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It is a well-known fact that, the aliens travelled by their horrible and dreadful space hopper, so they decided to flash them to earth and the get a new machined goes by the name blooper9000.Their new machine travels a big amount of 1,500 light-years every 5 seconds. So why did they change?

    Experts think that the main reason is the spaceships protected them from getting sucked into a black hole. Because the spaceship had a special shield that protects them from getting injured whilst in the ship.

Unfortunately, their spaceships do not have an invisibility shield to keep away from enemy aliens. However the uniform they wear has a button that it shows the alien that their not there so the enemy alien does not make trouble.

Once the aliens are in their spaceship they remain safe from turning into green slimy goo and that’s how they die only if they don’t put on the right equipment when going into space.

So that is why if you look into the sky and see a bright light BE CAREFUL because there coming for YOU mwahahahaa!!!!!!!!  


Why do aliens travel in spaceships? An explanation text by Faizaan

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It is a well known fact that, there was once a time where aliens rode bland, disgraceful space hoppers; but now those are extremely extinct! Now however amazingly the Drone-tech invented the fabulous K10-9900; which at any time allows you to do anything. This is the spaceship which would never make people/aliens regretful.

Experts think that the K10-9900 is faster than any other vehicle by 1000’s of miles because: they run at 70,000 miles per light second, also they contain a transporter which in some regions is called a time machine and finally their fabulous speed allows them to terrorise the ferocious inhabitants on other planets like Zune (there is the most ferocious species on Zune). What could be better?

Unfortunately for life forms on other planets, the inhabitants will never find out that the aliens are invading their planet. This is because they have bracelets on their arms, which activates invisibility, causing them to be hidden. As the key component is the K10-9900 itself, this vehicle is of most importance for the aliens.

Once the alien’s kidnap a life form they need space to keep them and that is something you wouldn’t get in a space hopper. Apparently once aliens have found a new life form they tend to kidnap them and do scientific experiments on them, which needs an enormous amount of space, which also wouldn’t come in a space hopper.

So that is why, aliens travel in spaceships instead of the disgraceful space hoppers. Remember they remain hidden, the K10-9900 has the best of the best qualities and there’s space for the aliens to perform activities in secrecy. One last thing if you ever think or see an asteroid coming your way it’s not! It’s the aliens!!! 



6C’s top tips by Alex

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6c’s top tips

A verb is a doing word

An adjective is a describing word

A noun is a place, person or thing

An adverb is describing a verb

Complex sentences

Alex, who was home alone, was making traps.

Kevin, who was 9 years old, was alone.

Rudolph, who has a red noise flashing, flew up in the sky

Santa, who was flying in the sky, was giving out presents

 Johnny, who is a flamed headed boy, was playing on his X box.