The hunter

Posted on June 7, 2013 by Karina.
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In a forest down in South America, there was a variety of forest animals that were like one big happy family. Nothing worried the animals and nothing stopped them from getting on with their lives.

In a cottage, not far from the river, lived a hunter named Nick. He hated animals and didn’t think they deserved to live, so he had to make a plan. He went to the forest and mapped out his plan before getting a good night’s sleep.

Without a care in the world, the hunter made his way to the forest at the crack of dawn. “Ahhh, this should be an easy job.” Nick sighed to himself. He shoved all the animals into a sack ready for his master plan!

To Be Continued…

By Karina Thompson

Why do aliens travel in spaceships?

Posted on February 25, 2013 by Karina.
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It is a well-known fact that, The Green Gobblers, who originally travelled by unicycle, have decided that this gloomy vehicle is not the most genius idea. With the Green Gobblers (aliens) realizing this, they wickedly abandoned the awful down hearted unicycle.  The reason they realized this is a galaxy fuelled motor vehicle named BRTW 936, was a much better offer. This new vehicle ran smoothly and in addition to that it can be bought close to their planet.  So what has possessed the aliens to pick the space ship over other choices?

This means that the aliens didn’t choose the space-bus station the reason being it is too far away. To begin with that would lead to them traveling for months and months before they would eventually arrive at the station. What other vehicles do they have on their list? Maybe a car!

Unfortunately there is no car dealership in their part of the universe. As a result of this they would have to travel, which is no trouble for the aliens. Even so every alien which has tried to go there never passes their test. Therefore a car is also off the list. The only problem is where will they get the petrol?

The main reason is that spaceships use galaxy fuel, which is made out of crushed stars; whereas other merchandise may use petrol. It is also much easier to get galaxy fuel the petrol however stars in the night sky might go missing. The master gobbler thought this was an infuriated Idea that was before he found out it was galaxy fuelled.

So that is why the aliens are choosing then BRTW 936 as it seems this is their only option. The aliens are now using the magnificent spaceship. Momentarily stars will start to vanish from the night sky. That will lead to the sky looking bear. So that is why aliens ravel in spaceships!

By Karina Thompson

Plymouth grove prospectus

Posted on November 15, 2012 by Karina.
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This amazing school is never argued to be the opposite of sensational. If you are starting the school, doing placement or even work experience, you would definitely get the warmest welcome. You would feel at home as soon as you stepped through our brilliant green gates. As shown by all the students for example by this quote, “this school has helped me get the grades I needed!” come to this school you could never get the same education anywhere else! Who would dare to disagree with the school that others are envious of? None of these teachers would forsake their jobs for any other school. Come to Plymouth grove, I don’t see why not!