The secret tunnel

Posted on June 7, 2013 by Safa.
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Suddenly they heard a noise then Niki tripped over a long wire and fell into the river but the water was under her knee. She felt something hard then Jade came down slowly by the rock. After Jade got down Niki found a handle   .Jade said “you go first” the n Niki fell because of Jade and then Niki saw an old man. They took a step but he disappeared into the darkness. Jade and Niki dash everywhere to find the old man but Jade did find a purple ruby.  “LOOK” shouted Jade very loudly and Niki rushed to her. Niki said “WHAT?”  “There the old man” replied Jade so jade threw the ruby to Niki then Niki held it in her hand towards him and he turned into a robin.  

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