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I’ve figured it out, I’m adopted. I’m really from a rich and beautiful family but when my so-called fake parents laid eyes on me they couldn’t help but take me away because I was so cute. They’re probably always giving me a hard time because I’m from a better generation from them. So I’ve ran away and I’m doing information document. It’s a diary for god sake! HEY GET OFF that was my friend jen she keeps inturpting –That isn’t how you spell interrupting QUIT IT! Ok, ok stress-y. So I’m writing this information document or as some people call it a “diary”. So if you’re wondering why I’m running away it’s because of my wimpy (fake) family they have pushed me too far and no one pushes me too far. Yeah believe her I’ve tried it, it wasn’t pretty. Thanks for that jen. So that’s why I’m running away. We’ve arrived at what we think is a river and this is where my new home is. You will never survive without your Wi-Fi. Really just watch me!


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