Why do aliens travel in spaceships?

Posted on February 25, 2013 by Alexander.
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It’s a well-known fact that, Green globbers who originally travelled by unicycle, have decided that this unmototrised vehicle was not the most genius idea! With Green globbers invading the world, they’re in need of a motorised engine. If they want to travel the universe before melting on the o-zone layer, they will need; the TTYLXOXO950. Luckily the TTYLXOX950 ran on Galaxy fuel, as a consequent of this the revolting beasts would explore more efficiently. Why have this peculiar tribe decided to use a new type of transport.

Seeing as, the only bus station is 10 trillion light years away, immensely far, they crossed taking the bus of their list. This means that they only have one option which is the fabouls TTYLXOX950 or is it?

Unfortunately, the globbers are not enabled to take driving tests so there is no way of getting a license in addition to this there aren’t even any car dealerships like the car people or auto trader. However the Green globbers can’t even afford a car since invading the world isn’t a job that you can get paid for. In the whole outer space there isn’t even one gas station like Esso, shell, and total.

The main reason is that a spaceship like the amazing TTYLXOX950; runs on Galaxy fuel which you can get at the Milky Way along with a free Newt eyes milkshake. So that the aliens didn’t have to go all the way to Earth for petrol. Furthermore the master thought this is the most infuriated idea since dinosaurs being excinted (dinosaurs were alien’s best friends!)

So that is why the aliens are choosing the TTYLXOX950, as it seems to be their only option. The aliens are now using the magnificent spaceships. Momentarily stars will start to vanish in the sky. This will lead to the sky looking bear, so that is why aliens travel in spaceships!  By Michelle 6c


Comment on May 12th, 2013.


Comment on May 12th, 2013.

that was great well done

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