Welcome to Plymouth Grove Primary School

Posted on November 15, 2012 by Safa.
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Plymouth Grove Primary School is in Longsite in the heart of Manchester and our school was built in 1905. There are 15 classes 68 staff. There are 405 students and the school is a 107 year old.

The curriculum

Everyone agrees that Maths, Literacy, Art, Handwriting, ICT, Music, History, Spanish, R.E, P.S.H.E, Science are wonderful. We can tell you that are lessons are amazing.

In maths we learn about shapes time table, fractions and in literacy we learn about CCAPPPI, story and persuasive writing


Comment on January 21st, 2013.

I really like it and i found it useful and great if you have a test

Comment on February 5th, 2013.

hi safa i am duaa i very like it and you really tryed your best and you done it well-done

Comment on May 17th, 2013.

you have done a great job to make that school prospect

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